Friday, January 25, 2008

pee, poo and pshop

you suck at photoshop. you do. so let donnie show you how to suck less.

this is lesson 3; check out
lesson 1 and lesson 2.
[update -- hot off the presses: lesson #4]

don't sprain your vagina has been absorbed into the MyCo core taxonomy.

and here's an analog version: alison jackson's shots use look-a-likes of celebrities and public figures to create a photographic or filmic image, which challenges the observers' perception of reality by creating a false reality. in this gallery you'll find bill gates dancing with an ipod, tom croooz proselytising to his daughter, Our Glorious Leader pondering a rubik's cube... good stuff.

finally, after a shite week, this cheered me up: the Turd Burgler. it's not only gratifying to say -- like cat butler -- but it can be a rousing game as well. the Turd Burgler game set includes an indestructible, rubber Practice Poopie®, and an official looking rule book, called, "Poop Dreams" filled with 9 poop related yard games, using the Practice Poopie® as the game piece. The uniqueness comes from the many different markets we serve. It's a yard and garden tool for pet poop, rotten vegetables, and shedding fruit trees and whacking retarded myopic snorgoyles that actually pee shit okay maybe i added that part but it's app-row-poe.

btw this comes from a collection of the 14 Best Poop Gadgets.
because it's been that kind of week. onward, burglers.


fatmammycat said...

It's all fun and games until you hit a softie.

Mayrasmom said...

Can't type with a sprained vagina...

addon said...

can you use it on sulky teenagers? but then i suppose it is like the first shock and awe strike ...

addon said...

had time now to go through the p'shop lessons, greatly increased my skills.

my wedding ring don't fit no more 'cos i got fat.