Wednesday, January 30, 2008

warning: Time Machine may have unintended effects

i have to wonder how much Apple tests its new technologies before sending them to market. are they fully aware of the capabilities? for instance, whenever i use the iphone's pretend-GPS+googlemaps to get from point A to point B i end up in a dario argento film. the only person to recognise them for what they were, loucypher asked are those rope burns?

then there is leopard's Time Machine, which at the outset seems like a very clever idea -- backups in the background -- but the consequences can in some cases be dire. example: this weekend while cleaning up Horace, my 500G music harddrive, i dropped a folder intended for the trashbin onto the Time Machine icon instead, and look what happened. NKOTB is back.

i'm terribly sorry about this and don't know how to undo what i've set into motion: cmd-Z proved ineffectual. maybe i can atone in another way? so i've just dropped this pic onto the TM icon:

stay tuned.

btw, here's a short, poignant recollection of ledger from christopher nolan, director of the upcoming dark knight. if you've not seen the trailer, go here (you want trailer 2 in hi-def). nothing in his pockets but knives and lint.


Twenty Major said...

Have you tried rebuilding the desktop?

finn said...

have i tried PB & choc chip cookies, you say? why yes i think i will thanks.

addon said...

i've got a problem with my new mobile phone - when i try to enter contacts, the damn thing keeps phoning itself. then it hangs up when i answer.

finn said...

HAH! maybe that's not a cock-up at all, Adam -- maybe that's Time Machine and the cowboy returning; isnt he from Perth?? let it go to voicemail -- see what happens.