Wednesday, February 20, 2008

nina is wise

called nina during lunch yesterday. didn't know where else to go.

- neens i got the dog - i said when she picked up.
- el per-roh neg-roh - she confirmed in an atrocious baltimore accent, then fell back on her raspy croon - it's february, finn. the dog always comes in february.
she's right of course. i'd forgotten.
- but it's bad this time. i spent the whole weekend in bed. even if i wanted to, i'm too tired to train. i haven't written in two weeks. and yesterday i came home from work and went straight to bed. it sucks, it really sucks.
- i know, hon.
she's kind and doesn't call me on complaining about a weekend taken away when she's lost years.
- and last night i had this dream. you know the dreams about flying and sex, right? well in this dream i was all bundled up with M - M is my soulmate who's utterly unaware of this fact and therefore crushingly uncooperative - and we were flying in the sky together and everything was great until until he shit in my mouth. like, IN my mouth. what the fuck. how do you read THAT. is that my future? my dreams? whatthefuckever. i just want to go home and curl up with jack.
- it's tuesday. you should go to the track.
- you can't be serious. i haven't been to the track in months. i haven't been doing any speedwork. i'm out of shape and TIRED, nina.
- so go slow. you always say you feel better after track, right? so - in the background i heard a loud crash - finn, i gotta go. chloe's trapped under a kitchen chair.
- oh. i hope she's okay.
nina snorted derisively and hung up.

so i went to the track, and she was right.


fatmammycat said...

Good to hear, in many ways. Welcome back.

fatmammycat said...

And can I also say, that's some fine reading material.

finn said...

you are wise too.

conjures vachss in the bleak horror of what people can perpetuate on each other, with oases of connection, if that makes any sense. I'm only a third of the way through. poor tommy rivers.

addon said...

finn, you OK? I've been away myself, sounds like you've had a bad time.

had an unpleasant dream myself last night, had gone to Zambia with a bunch of others, don't know why, when we went to come back i was detained under manufactured and frankly false evidence "so they could swap me for some of their lot who wanted to go to UK". WTF?????