Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Oracle is perspicacious

at his suggestion, sent The Oracle links to last year's race results and splits. this morning's response:

I looked at a few of these, but not all yet—I’m still forming my thoughts on them. These are pretty impressive results, but you definitely have potential to do better. In your opinion, which races went well and why and which didn’t and why (if you know the whys)?

Have you worked on speed through transition? I don’t think it affected any outcomes (maybe one), but I think you could gain about 35 to 45 seconds for no additional effort if you worked on it a bit.

Also, do you have a du before 4/6? No problem if you don’t, wanted to try something if you do.
The Oracle has bounded up the divinity charts; now he's right up there with rudy, a rung or two below dr. fellows. why?
1. IF The Oracle is not on crack, i have the potential to be even better.
2. my du biggest weakness is transitions and he glommed to that right away. i'd never considered transitions as possibly affecting an overall outcome, but it makes sense that they do.
3. The Oracle wants to "try something" before LC quals and i'll bet it is something different than challenging the devil to a fiddling contest (prizes being a Team USA berth or my soul) which is what *i* was planning to try, but maybe not.

then this:
I would try to get on a Lifecycle/Spin class or some kind of equivalent while you're on vacation. Two or three very high intensity workouts a week (even if it's only 30min to 1hr) will keep you from losing what the base got you and can help you for short-course. Do the biking before the scotch though.

"high intensity" makes me nervous. just typing it triggers a poo. i have to ask.
when you speak of "high intensity" how high is high? are you talking long-course pace, short-course pace or balls-to-the-wall?

his response:
B to W.



fatmammycat said...

'...even if it's only...' There a whiff of Memnochican something to this. Eeep.
When do you fly?

finn said...

you miss him don't you.

thurs aft i board ze plane, drop an ambien and awake in the land of macleod.

i guess i should start packing.

have you got a waterproof jacket this time?

fatmammycat said...

Sure I miss him, I miss him so much I'm willing to live vicariously through your upgraded version.
Yep on the coat, it says so. Course that don't MAKE it so, but there you have it. I'll bringing limes too.

finn said...

limes? do they go well with laphroaig?

hope you feel better.