Wednesday, May 28, 2008

alternatives to running, pt 3

- i solved the flotation issue! – D announced last night as he maneuvered a case of wine through the kitchen door.
- what flotation issue?
- you know, you. in the pond.

so it's back to this. undeterred by the massive prehistoric creature he coaxed from the pond's depths (and reinstated!!) with a bass lure, D has still got a bee in his bonnet about setting me up to run in there. all his man brain cells have been working overtime to address the problem that without a flotation belt i will sink to the mucky bottom.

- and?
- milk jugs. we'll fill plastic one-gallon milk jugs with air and tie them around your waist.
- do you know how much I weigh?? my waist isn't big enough for all the milk jugs i'll need to keep me up.

he is chastened but not defeated.

- okay then we'll make you bigger. we'll make you bigger AND give you more flotation. know how?
- by fetching that pint of haagen dazs for me?
- nope. BUBBLE WRAP. there's a ton of it in the basement. bubble wrap and those bladders of air that amazon uses. we'll just duct-tape all that around you and attach the milk jugs. and if that still's not enough a couple plastic garbage bags full of air should do the trick.
- so this scrap heap that you'll truss around me will keep me afloat so i can run.
- if it doesn't, i'll have my camera, so i win either way.
- i do not believe that in this instance you have my best interests at heart.
- kel thought it was a good idea.
- kel is running 25miles in the middle of Death Valley. i don't think she's a trustworthy barometer of good ideas.
- girl, you need to run. you're losing your sense of play.

he's right, of course.


Mayrasmom said...

So it's really all about the duct tape, is it not?

aquaasho said...

Would love to see those photos! You have to give it a try, even just to amuse us fans of your blog...... ;-)

finn said...

not you too, aisling. is there no pity for the beebee toes?

kath you may be onto something. if a ball gag appears in the bag o'tricks i will know for sure.