Friday, May 30, 2008

alternatives to running, pt 4

the 4th alternative to running is.... running!!  hooray!  for this morning i ran 4 miles on the treadmill and the foot held up.  even better, a 7:30min mile felt gratifying easy after pushing through water for 3 weeks.  and after a week's absence, jack shepherd was back on the treadmill this morning.  oh frabjous day.  i am happy like a meerkat, like a marita.  this cannot last.  

but while it does, here's some good stuff off the beaten path. song titles play; thumbnails download.

The National - About Today
live from the White Sessions. a simple song, rich vocals, and violin.  heard this song in the car on the way back from burying grandmother.  wept.  thanks heather.  

El-P - Flyentology (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)
could also be called the "Tom Cruise You Creep Me the Fuck Out" remix.  cutting lyrics with special surprise backup vocals which teho will ID in 2sec.  i don't know about the rest of you. 

danny lohner's been a recluse of late (kidz stay in skool) but he still makes an occasional appearance. on this one, he even sings.   

Ever wished for a version of RWIB with full, stereo vocals before trenty comes out from behind the treez? here you go.  thx PK.



fatmammycat said...

Huzzah! Oh what a scottified friday you have had. Why it's bish bash bosh!

finn said...

it iz tiz whiz! your good news was contagious i think.

i'm even considering NOT bailing on the 1/2 IM next weekend, 'specially since i learned today that in my age group there're *2* (not 1) slots available for IM worlds (unrealistic & stupid, as it's 2 weeks after italy) and 3 for 70.3 worlds (1/2 IM distance in Nov & potentially doable).

OTOH i haven't been on my tri bike since nationals...

but what am i saying. are you ready for monday?

Theo said...

Dudeling, I got that Flyentology song from iTunes like a year ago.


I did, though. Oh -- almost forgot, heh. Tom Jones.

fatmammycat said...

I am, if by ready you mean in considerable pain and walking not unlike the dwarf from Twin Peaks ( kickboxing muscles activated and reeking).
Very daring of you for next week, I believe you could probably pull it off.

Theo said... [sheepish]

Yeah, I didn't get this remix a year ago. Hurrrr.

Still Tom Jones tho.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Glad to see you're listening to Grinderman also. Nick's most recent is also good.

How have you been?


finn said...

tom jones?!? are you on crack? maybe you have your Sexybacks mixed up, teho. o cry me a ribber.

hope you ended up getting tix, paul. cu in aug?

Subhangi said...

You mean it's Justin Timberlake?!

finn said...

not tom jones!
not justin timberlake!
is trent razor. reznor.

bad teho.

Subhangi said...


I'm listening to it now...yeah. Does sound like Reznor.

You confused me with the references to Sexy Back and Cry me a River. D'oh.