Monday, May 05, 2008

trent reznor is generous


Click HERE to get the new full-length nine inch nails record: the slip.

(thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me)

it's GOOD, like an evolution of Year Zero.

[still at the end of every hardearned day people find some reason to believe]


Theo said...

I just bought & downloaded all of Ghosts from Amazon MP3 downloads yesterday, plus four from Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D, and now there's this... I may go home early today (bcuz I can has teh ick) so maybe I'll actually get a chance to LISTEN to some of this.

Nobody from Ohio stays there. (unless, well, you know...)


finn said...

just like no one stays in MN???

sorry you're feeling poorly. if NIN Overload doesn't work, swing by thissa way: F just gave me a bottle of absinthe. hard to have a shit day when there's new nails and surprise hooch.

[did you dl modwheelmood's "great destroyer"? like a renholder remix, it's better than the orig. MHO a'course.]

Theo said...

Do you mean this one? That's an amazing treatment & I can see why you would like it. I can't tell if the aftermarket artist was just extremely clever with a pitch-shifting filter or if Trent graciously re-recorded the vocal track for the purpose.

But to answer the question asked, no, I didn't grab that one; it didn't quite resonate with the Me That Drives In Traffic, because I miss the NOISE.

Of course, I feel the way you do about this track -- that is, I think it's been significantly improved. And hey, I saw the Kronos Quartet in concert once, back in Ohio. (Yep, they left too.)

addon said...

Theo - I bought - yes, a scotsman spending money - the whole of Ghosts - bitterly disappointed, tried it out on my daughters, thumbs down generally, so will be keen to hear what you think ..

finn .. thanks so much, downloaded just now, on a new internet plan so it was here before i had finished my breakfast coffee, yay! how's all the jogging and stuff doing? i get lost with trying to understand what the hell you are talking about half the time in your blog here, never having done this what you do and generally having given up sports after school for bridge, chess, snooker, hill climbing, booze and wimmin ... anyhow many thanks and may your god go with you...

finn said...

adam i'm pretty sure you'll like The Splif, as it's very Year Zero-y. Ghosts was a departure, an album of noodlings that suits the Usses that Works in Silence before we Drives in the Traffics. interested to hear your and teho's thots.

teho, the KQ version took a while to grow on me. the beginning reminds me of cats, which is where you and i might split, but it comes together in the end.

Subhangi said...

He is a sweetheart.

My internet isn't though. Bitch. I've been downloading for FIVE hours now, and there's still 25 mins left to go. :(