Tuesday, May 06, 2008

why i am an only child

- finn i know you're there, hon. pick up...


- i talked to laf and he hasn't heard from you either. so whatever, it's back but it'll leave eventually. you always forget that part. anyway. i talked to your sister. yes, your sister. she called me because she got a letter from your grandmother's trust, about the money, and she said there was a note from you. and get this -- she wanted to know what your a-gen-da was. heh! i said, i don't think there is an agenda. i think that your grandparents just left you some money, that's all. and she said, nina there is ALWAYS an a-gen-da.

a cough that multiplies on itself.

- what a shitty way to live... so i told her if that's the way it is, maybe SHE'S the one with the a-gen-da. then she hung up. sorry. i hope i didn't add to whatever fire you've got going over there. just thought you should know. families are a bitch aren't they. i'm not family though, so maybe you could -- GODDAMN IT CHLOE get off the fucking counter! jesus christ i hate that dog. call me bye.


fatmammycat said...

pfft, families.

aquaasho said...

Aw, siblings just "wreck your head" don't they? (I hate that Irish saying but it meant what I wanted to say).