Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the wrongs, and the rights

today i gather perspective like morels.
[note: Wrong does not neces imply Bad, unless it is a wrong about my foot]


  1. oh lessee... my foot?
  2. and waking up with the Bumblebee Tuna jingle on the mental jukebox, after having suffered through air supply's "All Out of Love" for all out of yesterday.
  3. ThingsIDidLastNight.com [ok is a snarf]
  4. dude who ran the delaware marathon this weekend:

  5. windows not having a QuickLook option to view files without opening them.
  6. this email from loucypher's bro-in-law:
    From: meow
    Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 9:15 AM

    My boss just took a shit and it smells like Doritos and beer. I wonder what he ate last night.
  7. ManBabies®:

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  1. buying a plane ticket to belgium.
  2. taking a shit the size of your forearm in the 4th floor crapper (triggered by buying plane ticket to belgium). smells like citrus fruit, jelly beans and absinthe.
  3. pool-running the time equivalent of a 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400 in the outdoor pool in a 45degree rain (also doubles as a Very Wrong for the lifeguard cowering under the umbrella).
  4. the matthew fox dude with the tats whose gorgeous stride on the treadmill makes hamstering away on the EFX alongside not quite so deadly. where were you monday, you better be there tomorrow.
ding fries are done.


fatmammycat said...


Mayrasmom said...

I hate to even mention this, but VISTA (ack) has something they call live icons that allegedly lets you see file contents without opening them.
If you don't like XP, Vista is out of the question, they've ramped up the annoying factor beyond imagination.

finn said...

Vista's Live Icons and Leopard's Quick Look should have been features of the very first OS IMO. we don't think ITO folders; why should we have them served to us as navigational devices? but i guess you have to start somewhere.

on the topic of Vista, sress pointed me to this cringe-worthy Vista iphone skin. hurr.