Tuesday, June 17, 2008

nice crack, asshat

well guess who went and ran when they shouldn't have and turned a 3rd metatarsal stress fracture into a full-bore break:

NOT ME!!! that's my teammate iPimp's crack. it's doubly ironic, like rain on your wedding day AND your first communion, that we should suffer the same injury in the same foot, verily on the same bone. only iPimp REALLY fucked his ship up and now he's Booted 24-7 and and can't ride, not even the rollers, and can't do the EFX or elliptical (read: no excuse to check out jack on the rowing machine or doing pushups orSTOP the train,kay). he can, however, pool-run, so i may soon have company for my misery.

- what did you DO?
- i emailed iPimp.
- Well, I had a stress fracture for a while, and thought it was better... so ran in a local du... got 3rd and after that... went to Vegas... by the time the plane landed my foot was so huge I couldn't get my shoe on... did you know they sell crutches at 11pm on a Saturday night on the Vegas strip? LOL. I was 4mm away from surgery... I asked the Foot Dr (Tell me, why are they always so small? Like hardly 5'5') I asked when can I start even the smallest bit of training, he said anything with the legs would be at least 4-5 weeks....

lesson lock stock & barrel-delivered. there will be NO runninks on the tready for me for at least another week.

but, all is not gloom & doom according to iPimp:
Das Boot can fit a flask, and an amazingly huge boot-knife.


fatmammycat said...

I really read the first line or two of his post with much the same feeling as when I though I spotted feathers at the foot of the stairs.
I wonder how long it will be before he risks a 'test-run' on it.

finn said...

crack or endorphins, junky is as junky does.

i believe a relation of napoleon's was perched on one of the picnic tables watching me swim this morning. his name is rrrroquefort, which if i'm not mistaken is french for "check out THIS worm, baby."