Wednesday, June 18, 2008

now *this* is some handstanding

you know, the more i look at iPimp's xray below, the better my foot feels. i think it is like the picture of dorian gray. i hope it's making you feel better too.


fatmammycat said...

That was actually, utterly and unbelievably awesome. The power of tension! I can't even decide who I'm more in awe of, the brute strength of the base man or the amazing flexibility and strength of the top guy.
Thanks for showing this, it's just made my evening and makes me want to go off and do an hour or two of yoga.

finn said...

what got me, besides the one-armed handstand using the bottom guy's skull as a base, was the part when the top man's balancing upside-down on the bottom man's shoulders. nothing else is touching. how is that even possible? aren't they slippery with sweat by this point?

a mountain of work before me and the focus of two kittens. damn that red truck.