Thursday, July 03, 2008

pretty much sums up the week...pt2

thought of you - the mayor wrote when he emailed me this pic.

-- instead of camping in the poconos over the 4th of july holiday, i will be working. still.
-- instead of watching the last day of swimming and track & field olympic trials on sunday night, i will be entertaining an infant, a 3yr old and a bipolar retired history teacher whose favorite subjects are hitler, napoleon and US presidents i've never even heard of.
-- there was no Scenery at the gym this morning.
-- i am listening to 3 Doors Down.
-- i am out of kumquats.

so, you see things are pretty dire.

OTOH, i did run 4miles on the treadmill this morning. i'm expecting the monty python foot to drop down and crush me at any time today or tomorrow, but the fact remains that i did run.

and, i know where i can find more kumquats, 3DD is better than Daughtry, he will be back, maybe the 3yo will throw up in her lap again and at least i'm working on the Lapple. so this too shall pass and it shall do so after some jameson tonight and no mistake.


fatmammycat said...

I went out for a run this evening, it rained right up until I was entering my front drive on return. Figures.

heather said...

i ADORE all the pretty horses. it's so austere and elegant in the prose, aching in the simplicity of the sentiments as they try to sort through life. excellent choice.

Theo said...

Looks like we've got high tea happening at my place, if you're into it.