Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'remember when there were just 6 of us?'

To: all@MyCo.com
From: HeapusBigusBossus
Subject: New Hire

Sundesh Palekar starts Wednesday as another developer. Sundesh comes with good experience in [gak spithle gork]. She seems to be flexible and smart, and really liked our environment (“perfect”) as she put it. Let’s see if it ends up that way for both her and us – please help her as appropriate.

Please welcome Sundesh tomorrow. She will sit next to Chris Sampson to start this week.

To: loucypher
From: finn
Subject: Re: New Hire

who the fuck is Chris Sampson?


fatmammycat said...

You're just so tuned in. I think you should post a picture of 'work' again. I feel I need some candy with coffee and eye candy will do just nicely.

finn said...

right you are as usu FMC. i am Tuned to the point where 40min in Proximity of Candy on the treadmill this morn was so hormonally upheaving as to trigger Shedding of the Uterus on a massive scale. who knew. after a day spent either hunched groaning over my desk or dropping bloody chunks in the bathroom I must confess my feelings about Candy are... conflicted.

And it's a long way to Ginger Day.

fatmammycat said...

He 'Zap Branniganed' you!