Wednesday, January 07, 2009

it is a TOW-MAY-TOE

socked in again by work, the only notable interruptions a flurry of IMs triggered by riley's invite to 'check out this tat i got last night' and Loucypher's Daily Lament. the subject of today's Lament was how the parents of his daughter's best friend seem to think chez loucypher is a daycare service where they can drop their child off and leave her for days, trusting she'll be fed and washed and groomed.
- they're losers - loucypher ruled - you know what they named this poor girl?

- placenta?

- worse. they spell her name 'L hypen A'. how would you pronounce that?

- um... LA?

- yeah that's what you'd think, right? but no, you're sposed to say "ladasha." ladasha! and they get upset because people don't know how to pronounce it! i guess it depends what
dialect you're using.
- my name means "vagina" in farsi.

- oh go back to work.


Theo said...

So that's your work, is it.

I don't suppose y'all have need of a straight married midwestern remote-worker dude who can whip the shit out of databases, music mixes, desktop computers, suburban decks & silly online blog communities?

finn said...

you had me at 'bebalustered.'

i dig.

addon said...

my name - adam - means "man" - so at least that removes any uncertainty and keeps me focussed.

hold on - maybe it means "the Man", that would be better.

finn said...

either way we make a fitting pair don't we.

whatever did happen to yer mug?

Subhangi said...

L-A = "Ladasha"?!

Oh fer Pete's...

Hi Adam. Long time no see!

Subhangi said...

Oh, and I have an office now, so could you please include a "NSFW" tag next to your "work"? I nearly opened it in front of half a dozen people!

addon said...

dunno what's wrong with me mug ..

fatmammycat said...

*is furiously copying tattoo*

He should just send the child back with a sicker on it saying 'Property of The Crazy Fly' that ought to settle their cough.

Mayrasmom said...

Shouldn't be L'-a?
That would certainly clear things up.
Lovely tat, oh the stories s/he will have for the grandchildren.

finn said...

glad you're back adam.

you too subh. a "not safe for work" work tag? hmm let me ponder that for a bit.