Thursday, January 08, 2009

the way to our hearts

- yo guys - F addressed the ether - does anyone have a working login for Getty Images? i need to buy a photo, like NOW.
i shook my head; loucypher and quasar were clamped under headphones, inaccessible.
- you can use my login - the mayor (my boss) volunteered - it's 'largewealthypenis.'

- i wish i could make a girl laugh like that - F said to the mayor as they walked out to lunch.

see teho, not a Company. hey while you have some free time, can you get on this?


Theo said...

Sweet Nancy Reagan Moses. When did I become a video editor?
No, really, can I have my pimped-out Mac now please?

Theo said...

(OK, so I may have just put the entire extended David Lynch version of Dune on the new iPod gadget, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to crunch 405 GB of concert footage)

(I'd need a few days and a modest hardware/espresso budget)

finn said...

quit protesting. that has you written all over it. (IF you had the storage space)

Subhangi said...

Teho, chuck the modesty act and


[drums fingers on a 10-gallon tank of espresso]


[bats eyelashes]