Friday, January 02, 2009

reason #2009 why i love mac

don't think because it's a new year it's a new me. fat chance, esp when the idiocracy's still running full steam. today's scenario: i'm working in visio, via windoze XP running in virtual mode on the Lapple, when visio throws an alert telling me this particular operayshun requires a plug-in i'm missing and would i like to download it. sure, say i clickity-click, and am delivered to this page on the internets (click to embiggen):

it's an invitation to run a Validation Tool to "determine whether your Windows installation is genuine." how thoughtful! because that's exactly what i as a user on deadline wish to do right now. is there a git-around? can i obtain the visio plug-in without validating my OS?** do my socks match? no, no and no.

why do i love mac? cos it doesn't do this shit. fuck you microsoft.

oh and happy new year. i hope you didn't make any rash resolutions.

**validation code "fuck you" doesn't work, in case you were wondering.


fatmammycat said...

What might a person consider 'rash'?

Theo said...

Any decision that leaves you with one, maybe?

fatmammycat said...


* Checks self, is relieved to find nothing more alarming that a red nose and lots of snotty dribbling*

finn said...

poor Cat. i still have boxes of Jello & chicken broth from my go-round. shall i send them over?

fatmammycat said...

Kind of you, but I believe I'll keep to the Vicks and tissues with balm- I hope the balm is not made up of camel spunk as a certain someone suggested. I worry so.

finn said...

my waters are unreliable, so i asked the Magic 8-Ball "does fatmammycat's balm contain camel spunk" and the answer that appeared was "You May Rely On It."

see? worries put to rest.

fatmammycat said...

Erp. But so soothing.