Thursday, August 31, 2006

office cat, cont'd

there are mouse turds in the microwave.

the idea of Office Cat is still under discussion. now vlad the siberian dotnet dude wants, quote, a little pony.

i want a wildebeest.


two sheds jackson said...

You just know if you get an Office Cat it'll be a right lazy bugger and won't catch the mice!
Then very soon it'll get spoilt rotten by someone in the office and get far too fat to do any mousing ever again.
I reckon an office box-o'-rat-poison might be more use! You could always draw a face on it to make it more pet-like:)

finn said...

you're probably right, two sheds. i've done loads of laundry with more mice than my 3 cats have caught recently. and they are not even spoiled!

poison seems like a horrible way to go, but then again... there's mouse shit in the fucking microwave.

two sheds jackson said...

There are those humane traps - but I always wonder what you're supposed to do with the poor little buggers when you've got them. I mean you're evicting them so I'd feel like I had to find them a nice new des-res!