Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a public service announcement

the morning commute stuck me behind a DART bus with this billboard on the back. obviously wilmington is getting serious: "clen wotrr" wasn't just an Earth Day campaign:

i love the accompanying illustration by 11th-grader david winston:

i imagine poor david's still in therapy after he witnessed his best friend bugsy get washed down a sewer drain after that tragic dumpster explosion. i wonder if the "winston learning academy" designation means david is home-schooled. that might explain why he's a little off. regardless, remember that clean water begins with you!! so keep your damn dog litter, extra strength soap, fertiliser and home-schooled kids out of the storm drains.


fatmammycat said...

'We all float down here'*


Mayrasmom said...

I didn't get the artwork at first either, guy looks like a shooting victim. I *think* maybe he supposed to be protecting the drain from the trash, this kid has a future in secret service, if he's willing to hurl himself between a dog turd and a storm drain, can protecting our commander in chief be too different.
I googled Winston Learning Academy, all their students seem to be named "Winston."

finn said...

oops. sorry about that trigger, FMC.

kath, i think you need some Loyalty Training.