Monday, December 17, 2007

reason #1225 why i love mac

iphone brrred in my pocket yesterday afternoon. text from laf.
- where ru.
- xmas shopping. bestbuy.
- stop drooling over the macs.
- im looking @ cameras.

which was a lie. i'd just finished drooling over a Kapple™ and was now watching two kids play on a 15" Macbook Pro. i'd ventured into Best Buy looking for a digital camera for D but shortly found myself the Apple zone, an oasis of peace in a sea of rudely short-tempered people. i might be one of those people i used to ridicule for their lack of rationality and balance. i may have become a mac addict.

last week we pitched a multi-channel CX strategy that proposed texting to connect a radio station and its listeners. the Dreamer was in zazzly fine form.
- see finn, when you're shooting down 95 and you hear a song you like, you send a simple text to WMAC and get one back with the name of the band and the song.
- sure. and it should also have a link to more info about the band -- a discography, maybe. and a link to upcoming concerts. and maybe you could wifi-connect to itunes and buy the song right then & there.

the Dreamer sighed and looked pained.
- YOU could do that.
- whaddya mean?
- you could do that with that microcomputer you carry around in your pocket. my phone doesn't let me link to the web, or itunes, from text messages.
i paused and considered.
- is it broken?
i was only half-joking. after you use an iphone, even "smart" phones seem dumb. prehistoric. like D's camera. which reminded me why i was there in the first place.

- eagles r beating dallas - laf alerted me.
b there in 5.

then iphone's Contacts and Google Maps teamed up to give me directions to laf's new house. oh apple you are taking me on the highway to hell but i do love you so.


fatmammycat said...

You meed to start some kind of programme.
'Hi, my name is Finn...and I'm an Applewhore. So are some of my chumlies, but this is about me, me I tell you!'
Oh what am I saying. We're smitten.

finn said...

i'm afraid it might get worse in jan & feb. address 1 vice and the others spring even more heads. i may eat my weight in dark chocolate and you your own in mashpotatomashpotato.

but isn't that keyboard a thing of beauty-o.

fatmammycat said...

Fo' sho.
Oh gawd, roll on January.

addon said...

Ach it is but a passing fancy ...

finn said...

wise wise Adam you are probably right; they usually are.
I expect the mac fancy will last tho.

addon said...

yeah ... it's just lust and tormented envy on my part ... i have a feeling that two of our daughters (my two stepdaughters, to be precise) and my wifee are ganging-up to buy me a new computa for xmas but i guess it will be a PC i.e. non-Mac ... hmmmm how i can drop enough hints, better be quick about it.

fatmammycat said...

Just tell them you want a Mac, no point beating around the bush on this one.

addon said...

FMC - yeah, come right out with it eh? only thing is I have and use all the top line Adobe s'ware and it's all for windows .. cost a fortune to replace with mac stuff. also they are paying for our holiday flights Sydney to Perth, $800 each return ...

if i can get kitted out with a good PC i will be happy after using this piece of crap for so long. damn thing wouldn't start last night, i was like monkeys typing shakespeare and managed to hit the right key for a "system restore" after a while.

it's me that needs a system restore ...

fatmammycat said...

Ah, that's slightly different. Carry on.

finn said...

not to muddy the waters BUT adam you can run windoze on a mac, using leopard's own Bootcamp or a third-party app like Parallels. i haven't used the former but Parallels has a real nice "coherence" mode which virtually combines the two OS's so you can use their folders and apps from one UI.

finally, i believe you can set up Parallels using your current PC as a virtual machine, meaning you wouldn't have to reinstall any of your apps; you'd just kinda port 'em over to the mac.

i hate to see my fellow humans suffer bootlessly.

addon said...

ooo finn sounds complex which is good as long as it does not all fall down which would be BAD.

i'll start checking this out right now.

i used to use the GIMP instead of Photoshop and of course the GIMP is free but now I know PS more, there are functions that are way better than the GIMP.

you folks cold up there? we got a f'cast min tonight of 18 deg C and a f'cast max tomorrow of 26 deg C ha ha.

fatmammycat said...

6 degrees and dropping. No snow neither.

addon said...
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finn said...

i started playing around with GIMP on the mac last week when i was having fun w/dlohner, but whenever i pasted as a new layer, the selection would just float and i couldn't manipulate it in any way. frustrating, so i ended up just finishing up in PS on the PC.

but unless someone throws a free copy at me, i'm not installing an OSX version of PS.

it IS cold here, nipply and perfect for running; and yesterday afternoon i disobeyed my "no double workout days in december" and added 3.6miles to the morning's 7.25 just because the trail conditions were perfect and the dog was ecstatic. there will be a price to pay for such hubris i'm sure.